Providing commercial brokerages services through the brokerage of Guaranteed Realty Commercial, our real estate professionals market commercial properties with the most updated marketing tools, including 7 commercial web sites. e-communication, as well as providing advertising to sell the commercial property. Currently we market development land, income producing properties, including residential and commercial properties, owner occupied buildings, as well as new development projects with commercial/retail uses. Guaranteed Companies utilizes its vast experience to provide the sell/buyer with the surety of being represented professionally and in the most self beneficial economic manner... assuring value or their investment, buying or selling and maximizing their equity position!

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Landlord/Seller Representation

Guaranteed Realty Services provides all the resources necessary for Landlords/Owners who want to enhance their asset value, increase and maximize their cash flow, decrease transaction costs and/or dispose of an asset for the highest and best market price. Not only do we focus on the leasing and disposition of properties, but we carefully evaluate each prospect, whether they are interested in buying or leasing, so that you as a Landlord/Owner knows that you have the best possible Tenant or qualified Buyer for your asset. Benefits of GRS Landlord/Owner representation include but are not limited to:

  • Property Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing & Leasing/Sale Strategy
  • Leasing & Sales Negotiations
  • Tenant Evaluation

Tenant/Buyer Representation:

Companies rely on Guaranteed Realty Services to find the ideal site for their use and negotiate the best conditions and terms for a Buyer/Tenants lease or purchase. When dealing with Landlords/Owners, it is important for the Tenant/Buyer to be aware that the owners’ interests are being represented by an agent that is looking out for their best interest. Thus why Tenant/Buyer representation is so important and why Tenants/Buyers seek the expertise provided by Guaranteed Realty Services. By representing you as the Buyer/Tenant, we are legally bound to aggressively pursue and negotiate on your behalf the terms and conditions that best represent your interest. As a Buyer/Tenant rep, our services are free to you as the commissions are paid by the Landlord/Owner, therefore there is no reason to be unrepresented in a transaction. The knowledge, expertise and experience provided to you by Guaranteed Realty Services will allow the transaction to smoothly move to closing, all while allowing you to keep your focus allocated on your business. Benefits of GRS Tenant/Buyer representation include the following but are not limited to:

  • Property Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing & Leasing/Sale Strategy

Industrial Services

Guaranteed Realty Services can assist your transaction of an Industrial property, no matter how complex. Our agents specialize in user representation, leasing and acquisition, site evaluation, leasing & disposition, property evaluation, marketing strategies, the sale and leaseback of industrial properties, as well as a comprehensive financial analysis.

Office Services

GRS offers a vast array of services for both investors of office space and users alike. With upwards of 25 years of professional experience our clients expect the top notch services that GRS supplies to its valued clients. Precise evaluation of not only our clients' needs, but each properties attributes are crucial, which is why GRS investigates each and every aspect of a property. Our professionals look into future development viability of a property, the current ownership and management, the location and if it is visible and easy to travel to, parking requirements, construction methods and all other amenities a particular property may possess or lack. Our office specialists offer services such as:

  • Acquisition & Leasing of Office
  • Disposition & Leasing of Office
  • Site Evaluation
  • Assessing a Client's Need to Expand or Consolidate
  • Analyzing Demographics
  • build to Suit Opportunities
  • Site-Specific Marketing Strategies

Retail Services

Locating the ideal site for a retail venture is a complex task that must be handled by professionals with access to the resources and knowledge needed for such in the marketplace today. One must understand their client's needs with regards to that specific clients product, scope of services, clientele/target market and competitors. GRS works with both Tenants/Buyers and Landlords/Sellers in the retail market. With extensive development background, GRS also has the relationships with retail owners to help position those properties in the best possible situation. The scope of retail service provided by GRS include but are not limited to:

  • Acquisition & Leasing of Retail
  • Disposition & Leasing of Retail
  • Site Acquisition & Evaluation
  • Assessing a Client's Need to Expand or Consolidate
  • Comprehensive Demographic Analysis
  • Analysis of Clients' Competitors
  • Marketing Strategy

Investment Services

Guaranteed Realty Services offers expertise and knowledge in the real estate investment market. GRS utilizes real time market intelligence, experience specialists and extensive property knowledge to fulfill all the needs of our clients. One of the main facets of the real estate market today is the acquisition and disposition of investment commercial real estate. Guaranteed Realty Services represents several clients in the investment market. These clients include several local owner/investors, national corporate investors & REITs. Whether working with Buyers or Sellers of investment real estate, GRS uses their technology and data bases to tap into some of the largest pools of qualified investors. This provides the most amount of exposure to an investment listing, and for Buyers we provide investment analysis to ensure that by the time a transaction closes, our client is more than comfortable they have made a sound decision. Our professionals expertise in investment properties also have forged strong relationships with a variety of lenders and financing sources to assist in putting the transaction together.

Land & Development/Redevelopment Services

Guaranteed Realty Services was founded on the success of our land prospecting and identifying the highest unique to each and every parcel of land. Our professionals represent both Buyers and Sellers of land. Our Guaranteed goal is to provide Buyers with site specific analysis of sites whether it be for retail, office, industrial or any other type of facility. Not only will you get the best price but we incorporate all our services from site selection, achieving appropriate zoning, tapping into local utilities, etc. When working with Sellers our professionals determine the highest and best use for a piece of property, a use that will fetch the highest possible price. Our marketing is site-specific and our professionals not only market these sites to other real estate professionals, but take upon themselves to get in touch with such users they believe would be a viable fit at that specific site. This type of hands on marketing is what separates Guaranteed Realty Services, and what helps our clients dispose of their land for the best price in the shortest amount of time.